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Our vision on the future of The Advocate's Gateway

The evolution of The Advocate’s Gateway (TAG)

TAG is a not-for-profit entity which is run by volunteers who are committed to improving access to justice globally.

As TAG approaches its 10 year anniversary in 2022 a lot has changed in relation to the questioning and treatment of vulnerable individuals within the justice system in England and Wales. There is always further work and improvement needed as experience and research grows and the Management Committee has determined that similarly TAG needs itself to evolve. One of the drivers of this is that the toolkits which TAG developed, initially with the focus on assisting advocates within the criminal justice system in England and Wales, have been used by judges and police officers, have been adopted in other legal areas including the family and civil courts, and been referred to and used in other jurisdictions e.g. Scotland, Australia, Norway and more. 

Therefore the decision has been taken to take two phased steps in relation to the toolkits:

Phase 1 - the toolkits will be revised to retain the important and relevant information required to assist when dealing with different vulnerabilities but will be less jurisdiction specific both in terms of the type of law and geography. An example pilot toolkit for planning to question someone with a learning disability will shortly be added to the website, whilst retaining the previous toolkit for comparison.   

Phase 2 - new toolkits will be added, covering other forms of vulnerability and all of the existing toolkits will go through a process of updating and revision to ensure that they continue to provide up-to-date best practice guidance.

The Management Committee encourages feedback both on the general approach that is being adopted but specifically on the pilot toolkit. The Management Committee also encourages everyone who visits the site to contact TAG with any resources or cases, from whichever area of law or anywhere in the world, which visitors to TAG may find of benefit. TAG will then review these and those which are considered relevant and appropriate will then be added to the ‘Resources’ section of the TAG website.

Should any individuals or organisations wish to support this evolution of TAG by means of donations or contributions then please contact us via the link on the website.

7 March 2022

Judging Values And Participation In Mental Capacity Law Conference

For those with an interest or involvement in the participation of vulnerable adults in the Court of Protection (CoP), the Institute for Crime & Justice Policy Research is hosting a Conference on 20 June 2022. With speakers such as Baroness Hale of Richmond in attendance, the Conference seeks to explore the following issues:

  • How values orient legal professionals in practising and judging in the CoP;

  • The law and reality of considering P’s values in best interests decision-making;

  • The challenges of effective participation in the CoP and why “P-centricity” is so hard to achieve in practice;

  • How academic research and legal practice in the CoP can mutually and productively inform one another;

  • Potential areas for training for CoP legal professionals;

  • What might be learned from other international mental capacity regimes.


Book your place HERE.

7 March 2022

TAG Annual General Meeting (AGM)

In line with the our Constitution, TAG will be hosting its AGM on 11 April 2022. 

7 March 2022

Archived Toolkits

TAG is proud to make available its archived Toolkits on this website. Please visit the Toolkits page to access the archived materials.